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My Story

My name is Kathryn "Ryn" W. I have been a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium since the age of four. Beginning with innocent childhood guessing games, and eventually evolving into making major predictions, such as the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.

I did not come from a family of psychics or occultists, so this gift that I lived with was something that baffled and amazed me. Finally in 1995, while at a family function; amidst all of the noise and bustle; I clearly heard an unseen male voice say to me, "Tell him not to do it." When I heard this voice I looked around the room to see that my Uncle was leaving for the night. I felt that this voice was referring to my Uncle, and a vision of suicide rushed through my mind. I immediately dismissed it as a "horrible thought" and ignored the voice I had heard as mere fantasy. One week later, my Uncle committed suicide. He already had it planned when I saw him one week earlier at the gathering.

So, after many years of dismissing my abilities and realizing that if I had relayed this clairaudient message to my Uncle, I may have been able to make a difference and possibly save a life. It was in this realization that I understood that this gift should not be wasted or ignored. Now, forced to face my gift head on; I went on a journey of analysis, dissection and implementation that gave me the understanding of the self, my gift and free will in a way that I had never comprehended before.

As my gift organically grew; and like myself became more balanced, I quickly realized that it was very useful in helping people to see the truth, grow and flourish. Whether through spiritual-life counseling, psychic readings, assisting in unsolved crimes and finding missing persons or evaluating haunted locations or targted individuals. Regarless of the issue, my mission is to assist people in discovering knowledge and peace.

I believe that clairvoyance is a sense that we all possess and seems to be rapidly becoming a fundamental and important part of the human evolutionary process. When nature is in chaos, it fights to survive and regain balance. When we live in a society that relies on deception as a daily necessity, it is no wonder that more people are developing the extra sensory ability to see beyond the veil. 


Feel free to reach out at any time!


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