The FreshPsychic Approach

With so many psychics and sites on the market to choose from, you might wonder what makes my readings different or unique?

With many years of experience, assessment, self- experimentation, trial and error and guidance from the universe, I have developed a modern, fresh, innovative and truthful reading technique that I call, "The FreshPsychic Approach."

It is a technique that I would describe as cutting straight to the core, guided by the truth, focused on positive change, success and one's personal and true path. Always directed toward the client's higher and greater good and interests. It is a take no prisoners approach that does not waste time, rich in predictions and detailed clairvoyant information. Free of fantastical notions and occult overtones.

What are the benefits of The FreshPsychic Approach verses some other psychic readings?

I have seen the benefits of this technique both personally and professionally on a regular and continuous basis throughout the past 5 years. I created this approach as an alternative to old fashioned psychic readings that can be misguided, inaccurate, leave people feeling worried, frightened disconnected or simply without any real answers.

Additionally, I developed this method as an alternative to traditional western approaches that either take you nowhere or where healing takes more time to achieve than one wants to endure.

I have witnessed, and it is regularly reported to me by clients and students that achieving personal healing, success, notable change and enlightenment, whether in regard to one particular life issue or a full phase of life, took approximately 1/10th the time to accomplish compared to the other methods.

Can anybody benefit from a reading with Ryn W.?

Yes. My readings can help any person with any life issue, question or concern, whether simple or complex. I can help any gender, ethnicity or status and all of my readings are strictly confidential. Common concerns include, but are not limited to, career, health, love, relationships, spiritual path, life path, clairvoyant coaching, overcoming loss, stagnation, etc.

Are there any client requirements to getting a reading?

The only requirement for a reading with Ryn W. is that a client be ready for, and seeking the absolute truth.

Are there any tools used in a reading with Ryn W?

I prefer to read organically and my abilities are such, however I am a Master of the Tarot as well, and if a client has a special request for use of the Tarot during a session, I am happy to oblige. My goal is to have a happy client, that always leaves a reading feeling satisfied, fully informed and enlightened.

What is the difference between traditional western techniques and The FreshPsychic Approach?

In traditional western approaches, precious time is spent exploring the multiple "exterior layers" or "small details" in lieu of focusing on the much larger core issue or blockages. Many times these techniques miss the bigger picture all together.

In traditional methods, many years can be spent "peeling back the layers" waiting for the core to expose itself. For many this only compounds the confusion, delaying life lessons and the pursuit of truth. Additionally, many traditional methods are unable to offer real solutions or advice.

The FreshPsychic Approach is guided by a completely different and opposite philosophy. I do not believe in wasting precious time getting nowhere when happiness and balance await us all.

In the course of a reading, whether with long or short term clients, I start from the core or root messages and then work outward. I dig deep with the client to uncover the detailed aspects of their blockage(s) and unlike the slow "peeling away" of layers from the "outside in", I quickly assist a client in "breaking away" the layers from the "inside out."

My readings do not leave you feeling incomplete, and all of my readings always include solutions and personalized messages of advice. Every message of advice is different for every individual spirit.

All combined, this creates a steadfast and intensified healing process or deeper understanding of any situation, with long term positive results. There is no one theory or one answer fits all in The FreshPsychic Approach. Everybody is a separate spirit with their own needs. The FreshPsychic Approach is able to explore your individuality.

What can a client expect in a reading using The FreshPsychic Approach?

All of my readings look at Five Components of any issue, question or concern a client may have.

1. Core Issue/Blockage

2. Details/Players/Interactions/Relations/Emotions, etc.

3. Blockages to Success or Overcoming

4. Advice/Solutions (Personalized)

5. Outcome

First, I always take some time prior to any reading to receive messages about whatever core issues are connected to the client. Many times things come through that are not on the forefront of the client's mind, but rather have some deep internal effect on the client's life or pathway. These messages are important to address, as they are most likely creating blockages to healing, growth or success in some capacity.

Many times the core messages already relate to why the client is coming in, but many times information comes through that the universe wants the client to know and understand. Even if it isn't the client's initial focus, it will undoubtedly be in the client's best interest to understand. The reading is well balanced and will always leave room for any other information the client comes seeking outside of the core messages.

Secondly, I read and discuss the details of all messages, including looking at individual players, energies, emotions, relations, environment, etc. This is important, so the client has another level of knowledge and information to incorporate into their choices and decisions about their concerns.

Thirdly, I look at whatever the particular blockages are to a successful outcome in whatever the issue. This is vital information, because it shows where choices, perceptions or actions may be going wrong or where the energy is just stagnant. This allows the client to fully understand all aspects of the issue in order to make the greatest change. Sometimes these blockages are out of our control to change, but usually they are things that can be rectified though action or perception.

Fourth, I receive personalized messages of advice for the client. This is not a one size fits all reading in any way. Usually, taking the advice or not will determine the probable outcome of the issue in question. I NEVER tell a client what to do, but rather I pass along the messages of information and advice, allowing the client to use free will and choice to make change or not. All of my advice is logical and grounded. A client will never find me advising ritualistic or fantastical solutions for a problem.

Is Mediumship included in The FreshPsychic Approach?

Absolutely. All of my readings allow any crossed loved ones to come through organically. This also includes any living spirit energy with messages of importance that they may be unable or unwilling to express directly.

With my technique I have found that those that come through will usually have something distinct to add to a client's current issues(s) in order to help facilitate healing or understanding. Commonly, there will be a direct connection to their own life that will relate to the client's blockages. I call this "Ancestral Guidance."

Sometimes, the loved one is someone the client hopes to connect with, but many times can be someone whom the client had limited contact with. Regardless, they will always have important lessons, guidance, and information for the client's current path and growth.

How accurate is a reading and the predictions provided with The FreshPsychic Approach?

My reading technique is accurate within the high 90 percentile. I equate this to the fact that I read and live in the truth, but equally as important, just like life, I read in phases or cycles. It is my belief that giving lifetime predictions or predictions without detailed positive and negative possibilities, as well as advice and solutions, leave no room for change, growth or enlightenment and therefore are rarely accurate or awakening for the client.

I have discovered that there are two types of predictions. Those that are set in stone and will most likely not change course, and then there are predictions that can be changed or kept on course by way of action or awareness.

Throughout my reading I will discuss whatever predictions come through. With the predictions that can be changed or kept on course, I will clarify the potential blockages, warnings and associated advice. I will then advise on how to achieve or maintain the best possible outcome.

"Additionally, my readings are always guaranteed. If for any reason you do not feel a connection within the first 5 minutes of any reading, I always offer a full refund, no questions asked."

If for any reason after a completed reading, you have followed the advice and a notable change has not occurred, or if a solid prediction does not come to pass and, all within a reasonable amount of time, I always offer a free follow up reading to check on the status of the situation, energy or any changes that may have occurred, in order to get the client back on track. It is my goal to always have a satisfied client. Period.

If you are an actively professional clairvoyant looking to study The FreshPsychic Approach, please contact me for pricing and availability at (530) 492-0052.

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist, nor is it my intention to make any claims to that end. My readings are based on psychic opinion and DO NOT include any form of diagnosis. I DO NOT provide lottery numbers, spell casting, etc.