Courage in the Face of Fear and Adversity

Through the years while conducting client readings, I have been noticing the recurring message for clients who are tremendously blocked by what is simply termed as, "Lacking Courage." This may sound fundamentally harsh, but it is more common than we think and something many people have issue with in our modern day society.

To be clear, I am not talking about the innate courage most human beings can conjure in a moment to save an injured stranger or help a needy child. I am talking about all of the small bits of courage that we require in our everyday lives and that ultimately dictate our long term successes or failures.

Over time it has become apparent to me that the lack of real and balanced courage among many clients has become almost an epidemic spiritual blockage; especially among women.

What is courage? The true definition of courage is standing up for oneself or one's beliefs in the face of fear and, or adversity. Fear and adversity come in many forms and appear across all aspects of life. Everything from expressing oneself in a relationship, to leaving tentative or negative situations or relationships, to asking for a well deserved raise, to seeking equality, to seeking the truth, to finding independence, or to standing up to any form of bullying, degradation or personal injustice.

What I have discovered is that most people are confused by what it means to stand up for oneself and what that entails in regard to interpersonal behavior. I have seen that a misrepresentation of what it means has created a redundant fear of courage in itself.

Many people believe that having courage or standing up for oneself involves some use of force, anger, demands, or degradation. Courage involves none of these traits, nor does true courage invite or involve meekness.

True positive and balanced courage is about using grace, kindness and temperance (patience) to express your desires or beliefs. True courage is not about being afraid of a result and it is not about devising or manifesting a negative result. The reality is that when fear and adversity are faced with grace and balanced perseverance, the result is always positive.

Whether the desired end result is achieved or not; your spiritual, emotional and physical attributes will grow taller, stronger and braver. Ultimately, learning and utilizing courage will knock down adversities along the road of life and pave a path to success, regardless of the issue or subject matter.

My clients who heed this message and follow the advice of utilizing courage, regularly report feeling a great sense of freedom and personal satisfaction that they have never realized before. Having practiced courage and being forced to face many fears throughout my life; I can personally attest to its effectiveness.

Do you have a memorable experience in practicing everyday courage? Your comments are welcome!