The Indefinable Longing

We Count Our Miseries Carefully


Accept Our Blessings Without Much Thought!


Longing for the indefinable is probably one of the primary emotional and spiritual blockages for Americans today. Born from a media focused, disposable society, it is a deterrent to organic happiness; creating depression, emotional withdrawal and a flurry of mental and physical illnesses if allowed to consume one's life.

So, you are probably wondering; what does longing for the indefinable mean and how can it affect your life?

Well, in simple terms it means ignoring the real and longing for things that you cannot have or longing for things that are undefined. Additionally, it also involves over-thinking issues that you cannot yet see or may never actually exist. More commonly, it can evolve into constant worry about circumstances or people that you cannot control or change.

Longing for the indefinable can manifest in many different ways. Some examples are: Feeling as if the grass is always greener. Feeling that there is always something better or greater than what you have. The feeling that what you have or who you are is never good enough. The tendency to daydream about the things you want, but the refusal to take the action to acquire them.

Additional examples include the inability to stop thinking about, "What might have been?" Also, regularly delving into the past with sadness and regret. All of which inevitably lead to the insatiable feeling of loss or emptiness, and the inability to "define" your personal path.

So, how do you stop longing for the indefinable? Well, the answer is simple, but breaking the habit will take some work.

The secret is to live in the moment and to count the blessings that exist before you. I am sure you have many, but have you taken the time in the midst of the longing to see them or appreciate them? How often are you really living in your own moment? Maybe it's time to start creating a new reality, based in reality. Become a participant in writing the book of your own life. All of the wishing and day dreaming in the world won't write it for you.

The opposite of longing for the indefinable is the ability to create and encounter new and unusual opportunities. This isn't magic, it's simply about how your eyes become opened when you fully embrace the moments of your life. If your mind is no longer clouded by the indefinable, you can finally see the many opportunities that you weren't able to see before.

Most importantly, changing this habit will bring the clarity needed to get back on one's true life path.

Don't allow the comforts of fantasy to rob you of the life that only you were meant to experience.

There are more things...likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; we suffer more often in imagination than in reality. -Seneca