A Cautionary Tale About Ghost Hunters!


The following is an article is based on my opinion and personal encounters, as well as many years of professional experience as a Clairvoyant-Medium.

Working with some paranormal investigators can be dangerous and life altering; not to mention a waste of precious time when seeking serious help with the paranormal.

Since choosing to offer my services to paranormal groups, I've had the opportunity to get a deeper look into a world made up of primarily; hobbyists, thrill seekers and others hoping for a dance with fame.

I have seen many groups that claim they are experienced and desire to help people in trouble, yet they use their spare time and client donations to throw haunts, parties, buy uniforms and create phony corporations; where members fight over who holds top executive positions. They commonly create dissension within the group by practicing gossip, control and back stabbing.

They are rude to outsiders, exhibit mental instability and speak negatively about clients. They practice jealousy and show tremendous ego; meanwhile leaving many clients without answers and in worse despair. Having this type of energy in your home can and most likely will make any negative energy worse and more disruptive. It could potentially bring in more spirits or cause an increase in activity. If you believe in the simple theory that like attracts like; than the logical conclusion is to be wary of any person whom you choose to assist you with your paranormal situation.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see how so many of these investigators are not thorough in their investigations. Some conduct no factual documented research of the location or area, but rather base their findings solely on EVPs or blinking flashlights. This is again a dangerous form of solitary analysis.

Heartbreakingly, I saw how many find evidence of dark spirits or dangerous events and choose to censure this information from their clients. The same people, who offer help, now become victimizers with their lack of honesty and integrity.

Most importantly, many of these groups are inexperienced, close minded, unbalanced and have no idea of the seriousness of the work they are conducting and how they are conducting it. Unlike these modern day Necromancers; a balanced Medium does not conjure or seek the dead, but organically reads the energy or information from or of a spirit, situation, person or location.

So, take your time when choosing help from "anybody" in a paranormal setting and remember; just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have nothing to lose.

If you would like to connect with a trusted paranormal group visit: www.calpara.org