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Clairvoyant-Psychic Reading

Provide a Clairvoyant Psychic Reading Using The FreshPsychic Approach Regarding any Life Issue. 

This Reading Provides Psychic Information With a Focus on Your Questions and Concerns. This Reading Includes Predictions With Personalized and Informative Advice and Solutions. 

Readings May Include Connecting with the Manifestation of a Crossed Loved One(s). 

Crossing Over-Mediumship Reading


Connecting with the Manifestations of Lost Loved Ones. Providing Cross Over Sessions (Mediumship) to Individuals Looking for Ancestral Guidance and Answers to Life's Issues. Also Helpful for Clients Seeking Closure or Those Suffering From Death or Loss, Who are Having Difficulty Coping, Moving Forward or Battling Depression, Fear & Loneliness. 

Psychic & Spiritual Advisor


Clairvoyant Counseling Using The FreshPsychic Approach for any Person, Including Troubled Clairvoyant Children, Teens & Adults Looking For Answers, Guidance, Coaching and Balance. Perfect for Anybody Seeking Information or Advice on How to Better Their Life or Define Their Personal Path to Overall Success, Happiness and Spiritual Enlightenment. Any Person Who is Seeking an Alternative to Slow Moving or Ineffectual Western Therapies.

(Disclaimer: I am not a licensed Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, nor do I make any claims to that end.)


Clairvoyant Crime Solving-Missing Persons


Assisting Police Agencies & Private Individuals in Finding Leads & Connecting Evidence in Crime Related Cases, Including Assisting in Locating Missing Persons, Both Living and Deceased.


Paranormal Evaluations


Provide a Clairvoyant Analysis and Informational Evaluation of a Believed Haunted or Active Paranormal Location or Person, Where the Circumstances are Causing an Impact, Whether, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically or Spiritually. Evaluations include, Assessment, Advisement and Self-Help, Non-Ritualistic Solutions to Extricating the Problem. 


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(I DO NOT provide items such as Lottery Numbers, Spell Casting or Ritualistic Remedies. I am not a fortune teller and I do not up-sell.)

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