Return Client. This reading is for "one" question and provides "one" time frame answer for a future event. Based in days, weeks, months, years, or never, this reading is good for looking at a new job, promotion, new love, relocation, education, family, etc. If you are unsure if your question applies, please contact me directly for any questions. Turn around time is from 4-24 hours. PLEASE NOTE: This reading is for a straightforward time frame only. It will NOT contain any other details or information about the subject focus.

My method for counting time is a specialty, and has proven itself to be highly accurate. If your time frame prediction does not come to pass, I always "Guarantee a Full Refund!"

Notice: Predictions  are accurate within a small window of time. Example: If the prediction is {X} amount of weeks, falling into late Spring, it is possible that the prediction will come to pass approximately a week or days early, or a week or so late, give or take, but always eerily close to the prediction, if not exact. Again, if the time frame is inaccuarate, you can return for an immediate full refund or exchange, no questions asked! 

Time Frame Psychic Reading

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  • If for any reason your time frame reading does not come to pass, you may return for a full refund or exchange.