Return Client. This option includes 1) One Question Psychic Email Reading and 1) Time Frame Reading. This is a money saving combo. To purchase either separately, please visit my shop. For additional email readings, coupons, or information please visit

Your Life and Spirit are ever changing. This one question session by e-mail is a good way to address a single issue or question that you might have.
I will thoroughly address the complexities of your issue or question and provide advice, predictions and guidance accordingly, so that you can be well informed about your options and choices. Every client's needs vary and every session is as unique as you are!

The Time Frame portion of the reading provides a time frame for a future event. Based in days, weeks, months, years, or never, this reading is good for looking at a new job, promotion, new love, relocation, education, family, etc. If you are unsure if your question applies, please contact me directly for any questions. Turn around time is within 4-24 hours.

Question & Time Frame Psychic Reading Combo E-mail

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