Return Client. This E-mail Reading is designed as a Psychic Profile to look deeper into the characteristics of an Individual other than Yourself. Includes One Free Question in regard to the Associated Person or Situation. For a Personal Reading, Please see my other reading options.

Is There Somebody in or around your life that you have questions or concerns about? This reading provides a focused look into a particular person's characteristics on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. This reading will reveal somebody's past and present life conditions, emotions, spirit, paths, etc. This reading reveals what might lie beneath the surface. Great for Acquaintances, New Friendships & New Romance.

Bonus: 1) Question Related to the Profiled Person

4-24 Hour Turn Around Time.
Daily. No Appointment Needed

Required for Reading:

1) First Name of Profiled Person
2) Your Relationship to the Person
3) Your 1) Related Question
4) Addt. Info or Photo (Optional)

Psychic Profile

  • Psychic Profile. Any Person.

  • Delivered via E-mail. No shipping.