Paranormal Evaluations

Provide an In-Person Clairvoyant analysis and informational evaluation of a believed haunted or paranormally active location or person, where the circumstances are negatively effecting any residents; whether emotionally or physically. Provide counseling and self-help, balanced solutions to extricating the problem. (Local Area) For outside Northern Cal, please message me for information and any additional fees.) For more information see my video at

1) Phone Pre-Read of Location & Residents (Approx. 45+ Min.)
1) Clairvoyant-Psychic In-Person Reading of the Location & Residents (Approx. 2-3 Hours)
1) Follow Up Phone or Email Session (Approx. 15 Min.)
1) Written Report
1) Sketch (Additional Sketches Extra) See Sample of Sketches in Photos

Paranormal Evaluations on Location Psychic Walk & Reading

  • Paranormal Evaluation on Location