This Introductory option is exclusively for new clients. Highly detailed and informative. Any additional readings are at a special discounted price for return clients. 


This option includes time dedicated to an intensive pre-read of the client. I will share what I've found in my pre-read at the beginning of our session before the clock starts. As always this introductory option includes a full money-back guarantee should you not feel a connection during this time. This helps ensure a strong, accurate, and trusted connection is made. The session will cover all of your questions and concerns, but will also develop the groundwork for any future readings. 


Your Life and Spirit are ever-changing. This 60+ minute session will address the complexities of your individual issues. I will provide insight and solutions for your particular needs. The session will include Clairvoyant and Psychic Messages, Answers to your life's concerns or questions, with associated Spiritual Counseling, Predictions, and advice on any matters that come to light. Sessions may also include messages from a lost loved one. Paranormal Readings or Psychic Detective readings may include all of the above.


Free MP3 Recording of all Phone Readings Upon Request.


Every client's needs vary and every session is as unique as you are!


INTRODUCTORY 60+ Minute Psychic Phone Reading

  • Guaranteed connection. If you do not feel a connection within the first 5 minutes of the reading, your purchase will be fully refunded within the same day.