Return Client. Your Life and Spirit are ever changing. This 15+ minute session including MP3 allows time to address the complexities of one question or issue. I will provide insight and solutions for your particular needs. If you have many issues that you would like to address, I recommend the 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute session.

Session will include Clairvoyant and Psychic Messages, Answers to your life's concerns or questions, with associated Spiritual Counseling, Predictions and advice on any matters that come to light. Sessions may also include messages from a lost loved one. Paranormal Readings or Psychic Detective readings may include all of the above. Free MP3 Recording of all Phone Readings.

Every client's needs vary and every session is as unique as you are!

For psychic coaching: Sessions will include clairvoyant messages, direction and advice on how to harness your own intuition and psychic abilities. Also, sessions will include customized exercises for your particular gift or goals.

15 Minute Psychic Phone Reading

  • Guaranteed connection. If you do not feel a connection within the first 5 minutes of the reading, your purchase will be fully refunded within the same day.