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A Modern Approach

How I Conduct My Readings

Prior to any appointment; I take some time in meditation to conduct a pre-reading. During this precursor I look for messages related to any core issues or concerns that are coming up around the client or the client’s environment. My abilities rarely allow insubstantial information, so these messages are usually related to issues that need to be addressed in order for the client to gain insight, healing or advice to better their life and spirit. During the pre-reading, I also tap into any lost loved ones that choose to come forward organically for the reading. Additionally, I will also be reading the client and their questions live throughout the duration of the reading.

When I speak to the client live in our appointed session, I start by relaying the messages I received in my meditation. The client is then able to confirm a connection, before the reading continues. As always, I offer a full refund if for some reason there is no connection made or the client is not comfotable. If a connection is confirmed, a dialogue begins; where the client can then ask any questions or address any concerns they have at the time of the reading. 

My readings are thorough, informative and personalized. Not only do I read the issues, players, environment and give predictions accordingly; I also focus on any blockages that may be standing in the way of your desires or progress. Whether your blockage is related to love, relationships, career, family, friendships, spiritual enlightenment, paranormal issues or your life just feels stagnant; I am able to advise, counsel and awaken clients on how to overcome these blockages in a real world way for actual movement forward. 


My readings are not only knowledgeable and enlightening, but they are geared toward healing and change. Most importantly, my readings are guided by the absolute truth and always based in reality. My readings are not seeped in mystical or fantastical notions or thinking. Even though I do include predictions in my readings, I am not motivated by spitting out endless predictions that never come to pass, don't make sense or have any true content. Overall, I pride myself on accurate readings that facilitate change.

Prepare For a Reading

*Relax and take a few minutes of quiet time prior to the appointment to release any anxiety or nervousness that you may have. 

*Find a private and quiet place to have the reading. Being in a busy place or around other people can be distracting and interfere with the accuracy of the reading. 

*Have your questions prepared.

*Try to be prompt. My readings begin at the exact time appointed.

*Most importantly..Enjoy the reading!

Cancellation Policy

12 Hour Cancellation or No Show Policy. $25 or 15 Minutes Session Time Deducted from Reading or Payment.

After 15 Minutes of Wait Time The Reading is Considered Cancelled and Must Be Rescheduled.

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