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Keep track of purchases, read my personal notes of your phone readings or link to a PDF  copy of your e-mail readings. Collect and track points on every purchase good toward free readings. Gain extra points by leaving reviews for services. Opt in to my free newsletter, receive a coupon for $5 off any initial phone reading and get notifications to enter my quarterly free reading giveaways. All accounts are private and secure.

Keep Track of Purchases

View your account to keep track of all of your purchases.

Get Free MP3's or PDF's of Readings

Link to Free MP3 or PDF files to listen or view your past readings. 

Collect Points With Purchases & Reviews

Collect Points Toward Free Readings. Every Reading is worth 5 points. Every Review is worth 3 Points. Collect 30 Points and Get a Free Phone or E-Mail Reading. 

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