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About Ryn W.

Who I Am

Working professionally for over a decade; I have been a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium since the age of four. Beginning with innocent childhood guessing games, and eventually evolving into making major predictions, such as the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.


I did not come from a family of psychics or occultists, so this gift that I lived with was something that baffled and amazed me. Finally in 1995, while at a family function amidst all of the noise and bustle, I clearly heard an unseen male voice say to me, "Tell him not to do it." When I heard this voice I looked around the room to see that my Uncle was leaving for the night. I felt that this voice was referring to my Uncle and a vision of suicide rushed through my mind. I immediately dismissed it as a "horrible thought" and ignored the voice I heard as mere fantasy. One week later, my Uncle committed suicide. He already had it planned, when I saw him one week earlier at the gathering.


So, after many years of dismissing my abilities and realizing that if I had relayed this clairaudient message to my Uncle, I may have been able to make a difference and possibly save a life. It was in this realization that I understood that this gift should not be wasted or ignored. Now forced to face my gift head on, I went on a journey of analysis, dissection and implementation that gave me the understanding of the self, my gift and free will in a way that I had never comprehended before. 


As my gift organically grew, and like myself became more balanced; I quickly realized that it was very useful in helping people to see the truth, grow and flourish. Whether through psychic readings, spiritual-life counseling, crossing over/medium readings, assisting in unsolved crimes and finding missing persons or evaluating actively paranormal locations; I pride myself on using these gifts to help others find peace, balance and success in their lives.

Over the years I have developed my own tried and true method of conducting psychic readings. First, I guarantee a connection, so that my clients are confident about choosing my services and the validity of the reading in general. If I am not connecting within the first 5 minutes of any reading, I always offer a full refund with no questions asked. 


Not only are my readings rich in information, predictions and advice, but I also focus on reading any blockages that may be preventing a client from finding success in any aspect of their life; whether it be related to one's spiritual path, the pursuit of personal enlightenment, career, relationships, psychic coaching or love. Also, I provide any personalized messages of instruction or advice on how to find personal and spiritual balance. Lastly, I instruct and advise clients on how to break through barriers and possibly change any negative energies, patterns or outcomes.


Most importantly, I make sure that all of my clients are well informed and feel cared about after any of my readings.

For more information on how I conduct my readings Click Here.


I do not practice religion, ritualism, mysticism or spell casting. I simply practice goodness, positivity and truth for the greatest clarity and accuracy.

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